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Our websites are already fast. But we can make it faster… Much faster.

How Much Faster?

Results vary but are always positive. It is common to see your site load twice as quickly after enabling LiteSpeed. See our own site as an example where we are now in the Top 6% of the fastest websites online…

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Why Is Speed Important?

Your website loading speed is incredibly important for user experience. We really mean that. A whopping 53% of internet users abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load! If that wasn’t enough, studies have found that websites that load under 5 seconds earn nearly double the revenue than their slower counterparts.

Your SEO will also benefit. Google rewards fast loading sites with better rankings, so make sure you take your websites loading time seriously, before your competitors do with theirs.

How Much Is It?

To get these kind of speeds, you would normally need to pay for dedicated hosting which will cost several hundred pounds per year. But that sort of expense isn’t our style here at Mojo.

We are offering this awesome technology for only £5 extra per month. That not only covers the cost of LiteSpeed itself, but also our time for setting it up and managing it for you.

Cool eh!

Want to be LiteSpeed?

tell us and we will do the rest

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, these speed are accomplished by using an impressive caching tool that is not only tightly woven into the website, but also into the server itself and the magic happens by how these two harmoniously talk to each other

Caching has been standard practice for many years and will still be the single most used method to speed up websites for the foreseeable future. Standard caching is when your website saves a snapshot of what visitors see and then serves that snapshot to all future visitors, saving on loading time.

We have taken standard caching and blown it out of the water by using LiteSpeed technology. Fundamentally, this is still caching, but with a key difference. Rather than the website itself saving a snapshot and serving it to your visitors, the process is now done entirely on the server side. This relieves your website from having to do any leg work and therefore will load incredibly fast.


Let’s talk about cloudflare

Cloudflare Partners

While Litespeed will allow our UK based servers to dish out your cached content at lightning speeds, CloudFlare will store those cached files in 100’s of data centers around the world. Increasing the speed for everyone globally.

We will setup and manage your website on Cloudflare for only £5 per month and since we are friends with CloudFlare, we will also hook you up with their premium ‘Railgun’ acceleration technology for free – otherwise only available on their £150 per month plan!

If you want to be supercharged, then get in touch and we will handle the rest

Want To Be Supercharged?

Whether you want LiteSpeed, Cloudflare or both – all you need to do is simply get in touch, letting us know what you’d like and we will handle the rest. It could not be simpler for you to start seeing huge speed boosts

Speak to a geek on 01823 299 298

Hosting & Emails

You get a generous amount of storage (5GB) and free email addresses included with all our plans. This storage is enough for a huge website with thousands of products. It can also store over 100k emails. Additional addresses and storage will cost a small extra fee

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Litespeed Caching

Litespeed is premium caching technology that can double your websites speed which is not only great for customer satisfaction but also Google rankings.

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