7 Highly Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers

With constant changes in search engine algorithms, our Performance based SEO service along with other site owners, have to adapt faster than ever to ensure their content keeps ranking.

Bloggers write to connect with audiences. The content they write should not only reach people but remain relevant to the people they reach and add value to their lives. To truly stand out as a blogger today, here are seven highly effective SEO tips.

Conduct Proper Keyword Research and Planning

When planning out your content calendar, remember to conduct proper keyword planning. Research what readers are looking for and the language they use while querying for information. Take advantage of free tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner which utilises Google’s data on the most popular searches.

Use the information to roughly draft a keyword calendar based on what people are mostly searching. If you are willing to put in a little budget into your keyword research, consider using a premium tool like ahref for keyword planning, link building, competitor analytics and site auditing.

Write for Your Audience

Do not sacrifice the quality of your writing for the sake of SEO. Most bloggers concentrate on appealing to search engine bots instead of writing readable content. Search engines will not only rank based on keywords, but also based on the quality of writing.

Google did the hummingbird update to ensure written content was valuable and answered a target audience’s particular answer. Write for people to read, not for bots to rank your content higher.

Link Building

Build the value proposition of your blog and appeal to other high authority bloggers or influencers. Create a relationship with these people and make them trust your services or blog.

Once the relationship is sound, you can reach out to them to link back to your blog. Having other websites or blogs linking back to your blog is one of the most effective ranking factors.

However, remember Google penalises for unruly methods of link building. Ensure you are on the right side.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO requires bloggers to stick to the following basics:

  • Create simple and friendly URL links
  • An easy to read Meta title and avoid stuffing it with keywords.
  • Use H1 tags as the headline of your blog post.
  • Structure your content with subheadings. Subheadings ensure readers, and search bots can easily navigate your content.
  • High quality and SEO optimised images. Use alt tags on them to make sure search bots know its an image.
  • Usability. Such as ensuring there are no broken links, your content loads quickly and all the images work as expected. This will influence your user experience and have internet surfers spend more time on your website.
  • Internal Links to drive more page clicks.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools provide diagnostics, audit tools and data to keep you on the right track. Here are what you will find on a google webmaster console:

  • The number of pages that Google has indexed on your site.
  • Whether or not Google has problems crawling your site.
  • Whether or not your website has been hacked or has any security issues.
  • How your website will perform and display itself to Google’s crawling bots.
  • Whether your site has any manual penalties from Google

Blog for Authority 

Position your blog content as a place where people come for credible and relevant information. Any person or blog post appearing on your blog should have a level of expertise and be pertinent to your readers. Having your blog mentioned on forums and other websites is an excellent way to build authority.

Invest in Premium SEO Tools

Different SEO tools exist for various purposes. These tools make the task of optimising your blog easier and more robust. There are all-in-one tools as well as tools that specialise with a single job.

For instance content planners, keyword planners, link building and On-page SEO tools. Make your SEO journey easier and more effective by using any of these premium tools.


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