Doorway To Web Design For Your Business

London has one of the highest ratios of small businesses. London has 1563 companies for every 10,000 adult residents. These are massive numbers that show us the cutthroat competition amongst small businesses in London. Taking your business online is the best way to fight this competition, stay relevant and climb to the top.

There are a plethora of websites available on the internet, but not every site works the way it should. But we have a simple solution to this obstacle, and that’s getting a pro to handle the web designing.

Web designing forms an essential part of your online presence. It accumulates various concepts, such as graphic design, user interface design (UI) and SEO.

Why bother web designing for businesses?

The majority of small businesses in London have already entered the world of web design. And below are some points as to why you should too:

  • Good web design will provide customer trust. This will not only bring in repeat custom but also widen the customer base.
  • The design of your businesses website is the customer’s first engagement with your services and creates their first impression. If your web design is outdated, uninteresting, and complicated, it will reflect poorly on your services. So, it is necessary to take your web design extremely importantly and try to make it as informative and interactive as possible.

Why choose Mojo Websites?

Suppose you own a small business and plan to go online. Your challenge is not only designing a trendy website but also to lower the expenses as much as possible. This is one of many reasons why a cheap web design service in London, such as Mojo Websites, can come to the rescue.

  • A web designing service can provide your customers with the best UI experience, as they are aware of the requirements and expectations of different geographics.
  • Web designing services know how to create a website that is user friendly, well planned, and result-driven.
  • Expert developers understand the best practices in SEO coding to help a website gain ranking in the top positions.
  • Content is the central part of your website. Professional website designers can make your content attractive and engaging.

Cheap web design services in London by Mojo Websites

Pay monthly websites by Mojo is a cheap web design service in London. We have a goal to help small business owners get online, by offering services at an extremely affordable rate, from £19 per month. These services include:

  • The ability for you to Sell Products and Services.
  • Custom Website w/SSL
  • Domain, Hosting & Emails
  • Unlimited content changes via CMS
  • Free maintenance and updates

Final Word

If you want your business in London to go online, but are struggling with designing it yourself, then use a cheap web design service like Mojo Websites! Then you can experience how easy it should be!


Hosting & Emails

You get a generous amount of storage (5GB) and free email addresses included with all our plans. This storage is enough for a huge website with thousands of products. It can also store over 100k emails. Additional addresses and storage will cost a small extra fee

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Litespeed Caching

Litespeed is premium caching technology that can double your websites speed which is not only great for customer satisfaction but also Google rankings.

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