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Search engine optimisation is becoming more popular, especially among local businesses that want the edge over their competitors. What is search engine optimisation (SEO)? What is its significance, and how does it function? Read on to find out.

What is search engine optimisation?

SEO is a marketing technique used to promote a business through the visibility of your website in search engines like Google. It uses tactics such as backlinking and keywords to increase the ranking of a webpage. Search engines use bots to crawl and create an index of all websites online. Their algorithms then analyse these indexes to rank pages for search results in an order that is most appropriate to what the user wants.

Why is SEO important?

SEO helps your target audience find your website and bring traffic to your website through proper practices. It can also help you understand the content your customers like so that you can create more engaging content going forward. Search engine optimisation is important for marketing, as it improves sales and customer loyalty. A good SEO strategy will achieve this without getting any penalties from Google.

Benefits of SEO

If you’re considering search engine optimisation, you’re already one step closer to laying a solid foundation for your company. SEO comes with multiple advantages.

1. Quality Traffic

Search engine optimisation techniques should target a niche audience. High traffic from the wrong customers doesn’t do anybody any favours. So your content should answer the questions that your customers would ask. Users, after all, can choose what they want to see through search engine optimisation. Make them choose your website.

2. Brand awareness

Search engine optimisation is a digital marketing technique that allows you to build brand awareness through various strategies. Users become familiar with your website when they search for a service if it is search engine optimised. Most people visit their favourite websites, via Google. If you are not on Google, you may be forgotten.

3. Competitors

Search engine optimisation allows you to compete with local businesses. Creating content that is relevant to the search query automatically increases the traffic to your webpage and takes away from theirs.

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Hosting & Emails

You get a generous amount of storage (5GB) and free email addresses included with all our plans. This storage is enough for a huge website with thousands of products. It can also store over 100k emails. Additional addresses and storage will cost a small extra fee

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Litespeed Caching

Litespeed is premium caching technology that can double your websites speed which is not only great for customer satisfaction but also Google rankings.

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