What to look for when choosing a cheap web host?

Finding a high-quality web hosting doesn’t really mean that you must spend huge sums of money. The rise of competition in the hosting market has created a price drop across the board, without compromising performance or overall security. Today you can easily find cheap hosting for your website with nearly all the features, performance, and security you’d expect from an expensive alternative.

However, not all cheap hosting services are created equal! The benefits and advantages can vary from one hosting provider to another. So, how do you find cheap hosting that fits your needs and requirements?

There is a range of things that you need to consider when looking for an affordable web hosting provider. Mainly depending on the level of control and server resources that you need. But aside from that, here are several important features that you’ll need to be sure your cheap hosting provider has.

    • They should have a webmail interface and offer an email account for your domain. This gives your email address a professional look and enables you to communicate under your own brand – rather than say, Gmails.
    • They should offer support for all the popular CMS software. It is incredibly helpful if your web host can offer one-click installation for WordPress or any other CMS. It alleviates any need for you to manually download, upload and install the software yourself. And it updates said software for you too!
    • It must have high enough levels of bandwidth and storage to support your website data and traffic, with the option to expand.
    • Most starter plans will include a free domain name or extremely cheap domains. Your cheap hosting provider may provide this, and it is not only less expensive for you, but it makes your life that little bit simpler as it is all stored under one roof.
    • You should make sure that your web host equips your site and server with adequate security features. Presuming it is on a shared server, you will want protection from other websites that you are sharing with!

If you’re ready to build your website and want to get started with a cheap hosting provider in the UK, consider one of the plans at Mojo Websites. We offer a range of cheap hosting options in the UK, so take a look and see what you fancy!


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