Best user experience + cheap website design = Possible?

Designing a creative, unique, multi-device compatible website can become expensive. It may seem like an unnecessary investment, but the user experience is the factor that determines whether a user will go through your website or move on to a different one. You can choose cheap websites designs instead of hiring an expensive website designer. However, how do you deliver an excellent user experience without increasing your budget?

4 ways to improve user experience on cheap websites

Here are four ways to deliver an excellent user experience on cheap websites!

  • Focus on loading speed:

When looking to reduce your expenditure on website design, never compromise on website loading speed. 53% of visitors leave a website page if it takes longer than three to four seconds to load. Lowering your loading speed can do no good. We would recommend compromising on one or two features if it means getting excellent loading speed.

We offer our own page speed service where we guarantee you an A rating on GTMetrix and also top marks on Google Page Score.

mojo websites google speed service

  • Simplify navigation:

The key determinant for user experience is navigation. Your website’s ease of navigating determines how easily the user will find your information. When designing your website, whether you choose a template provided on the website or opt to create your own, create navigation and menus that are instinctual and user-friendly.

  • Invest in a domain name:

A simple domain name works.  For example, HomeAdvisor is great, but so does a unique name, like Facebook. The key to selecting a domain name is to select one that is easy to remember. Here are our top pointers that will help you select the perfect domain name:

  1. Opt for .com or instead of .co, .net, etc.
  2. Keep the name short.
  3. Do not complicate the spelling.
  4. Select one that is associated with your offerings.
  5. Do not add numbers unless they mean something.
  • Select a good host

Even if you create a good design on cheap websites, it means nothing if your website is not online. If your viewer cannot access the website when they need it, they are unlikely to come back another time and try again. Therefore, when making your website live, select a good host. Determine their uplink time and also their response rate.

These pointers will help you create an excellent user experience on inexpensive websites. Mojo Websites offers services for cheap websites. Their monthly plans are perfect for those who want quick sign-up and stress-free website management. You can find out more about Mojo Websites’ services by visiting their website.


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